Upload new structure

Requirements and disclaimers:
  • unit cell info must be present (e.g. CRYST1 PDB record)
  • coordinate file should contain only standard amino acids and nucleotides
  • names of heavy atoms should comply with Amber conventions
  • twinned data are not supported
  • ligands, if any, will be ignored
  • alternate conformations, if any, will be ignored
  • protons will be removed and then rebuilt
  • crystallographic water molecules will be removed and then rebuilt
  • residues, that are completely missing in the coordinate file, will be interpreted as chain separation
  • residue names can be modified according to AMBER convention to indicate non-standard protonation states
  • experimental data are pre-processed with phenix.reflection_file_converter
  • it is in principle possible that MD run will be aborted due to structural tensions
We will send you a link to refinement results
PDB and mmCIF are supported
MTZ format only

Note: Total upload size is limited by 10 MB